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"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with the Solargard on our skylites. Our sunroom was virtually unusable during the summer because of the incredible heat, but the Solargard has allowed us to enjoy the room year-round. In fact, the Solargard treatment inspired us to buy a whole new set of leather furniture because we no longer have to worry about heat or sun damage. Both you and your installation team were joys to work with, as you all maintained the highest levels of customer service and professionalism."

-Robyn Greenspan

"Great, looks super (can't tell it's there)...appreciate the hard work!"

-Andrew Wilkes

Managing Editor - allure

"Thank you for everything: for walking us through this process from day one till the last sheet of film was hung, for coming for the installation, & for your tremendous amount of knowledge. We really could not have done this without you and your company-so thanks."

-Lindsay Davidson

Hoc Nobel

"The glass doors are beautiful... You guys did a great job and we love them, very classy! Thanks!"

-Margaret Judge

Octagon Worldwide

"We strongly recommend the use of UV filters on all window in order to protect your investment in the fabrics, furniture, rugs and wood finishes that grace your home." After seeing the damage that the UV & solar energy does to not only furnishings, but also hardwood floors, I realized that it was my responsibility to inform all my clients to protect their investments. My home has the UV film on the windows which has given me the freedom to use silk on my window treatments and feel comfort that my investments in my furnishings as well as artwork is protected. When reviewing the ratings of different suppliers, I felt that Essential Glass Coatings had the best ratings to accomplish the protection I needed.

-Robin McGarry

A.S.I.D. Interior Designer