Why Window Film?

Window films create a layer of protection between you and your windows.


Privacy is accomplished in bathroom settings or offices through the use of frosted film. Film is perfect for when curtains or blinds are not possible or desired.



To achieve a more unique look we recommend decorative window films. Custom shapes, graphics and colors can be chosen to accent any room. Robin McGarry, an ASID interior designer, advocates the use of UV filters and recommends Essential Glass Coatings.

Decorative Films

How Can We Help?

  • Defense (Mitigate injury from broken glass due to explosion)
  • Commercial (Buildings)
  • Showrooms (Visible clarity)
  • Yachts (non-metalized films won't interfere with onboard electronics)
  • Residential (Shoreline and designer homes)
  • HIPAA (Glass privacy)
  • Decorative (Many specialty patterns and frosted privacy films)

Preserve Your View

Forget about the dark, purple, bubbled window films of the past. Panorama Sterling Window Films are prized by the design community for their clarity and neutrality. These designer films provide subtle beauty, many people don't even realize that it's on the glass, they just enjoy the endless benefits. Panorma Films lets your windows do what they were meant to do, allowing in plenty of natural light and maintaining a clear, unobstructed view. It simply works by rejecting the harmful and undesirable elements that windows alone cannot filter out. Not to mention the damage you might otherwise experience such as extreme fading of furniture, woodwork, carpeting, and draperies. Panorama Films reject up to 99% of destructive ultra-violet light, helping to preserve the value of your property.