From designer homes on the coast to log cabins in the woods.

Glare and Heat Reduction

Clients looking for the maximum in glare and heat reduction turn to Essential Glass Coatings. Solutions safe for Insulated Glass Units, (IGU's) and providing low interior and exterior reflectivity…and virtually disappearing on the glass are also solutions available from Essential Glass Coatings. Clients with Kitchens of glass and palladium windows framing ocean, lake and harbor views love the effect of reduced glare off the water (without the look of tint) on their glass.

Window Glare

Keep the heat from the sun out in the summer and the warmth of the your house inside during the winter.

A Doubting Chemist:

We, (Essential Glass Coatings) can PROVE our point(s). And we did with this doubting customer. Interested in testing a film sample? NO PROBLEM…I brought a piece of film off the roll along with my test kit including BTU Meter, UV Meter, Heat Meter and glass coating tester. We had a blast, proved the effectiveness of the film and did the application on his Stony Creek home. He is a believer and satisfied customer. Yes, there is glass here!

Decorative Film

PRIVACY….and DECORATIVE at the same time! Double front doors in glass, a wall of sliders on the deck, glass pocket doors…you want to see out, but obscure others from looking in? Several of our client's now have mini stripes, mini blinds and the frosted look.


Gov. Rell Signs New Coastal Homeowners Insurance Law. Effective January 2008 Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed Public Act 07-77 into law May 30, 2007, In hopes that it will bring some relief and predictability to Connecticut's coastal homeowners insurance market. The new law is largely the result of the outcry that followed an insurance company's decision last summer to not renew all coastal homeowners policies for homes without permanent storm shutters installed. That particular situation has been resolved for the most part, but this legislation was seen as necessary to prevent similar situations in the future. The most significant provision within the new law prohibits an insurer from refusing to renew or issue a homeowner's policy solely on the basis that the insured or prospective insured has "failed to install permanent storm shutters on his or her residential dwelling as a means of mitigating loss from hurricanes or other severs storms." Next, the law requires insurers to offer premium discounts on homeowner's policies to homeowners who submit proof of installation of permanent storm shutters or impact-resistant glass on their dwellings.

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