Essential Glass Coatings becomes a seamless extension of your company.

Taking Care of Business

When Essential Glass Coatings is your subcontractor, we literally become an extension of your company. We know that your company's reputation is on the line and we apply our professionalism, reliability and workmanship to ensure we take that responsibility very seriously. Customer Service with excellence, dependability and quality are our number one priority. We employ our expert window film installers who are trained to deliver reliable performance to ensure the success of your project.

Window Glare

We can apply custom graphics as well as window film.

Get The Look

Commercial offices, tired of closing the blinds, have been delighted with the results of filming with a product incorporating logos, etched film and negative space for spectacular graphics.  Dark interior films or shiny reflective films can also create private offices and conference rooms while not inhibiting views out, but providing privacy looking in.

Decorative Film

We can also do custom shapes or logos to decorate your business' windows.

Improved Efficiency & Comfort

By rejecting up to 92 percent of the suns total solar energy, window films for commercial applications help reduce energy bills and chiller run time. Additionally, comfort levels will be significantly improved with the reduction of uncomfortable hot spots and annoying glare. You'll see an immediate return on your investment plus, your employees and customers will thank you.

Peak demand loads account for over 75% of energy usage in the United States, and peak demand times typically occur at the busiest period of the day, between 1 and 7 pm. In order to reduce peak demand load, heat coming into a facility must be cut, and the largest cause of heat is the infrared ray – solar radiation from the sun. Window film is an option that can protect facility's views and make other upgrades, such as HVAC work even more efficiently.