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Regina featured center with Ben Sataji, David Metcalf, Christoff Freemont, and Jon Nickless of Bekaert Specialty Films.

Our Approach is Unique

Essential Glass Coatings can take care of you and your concerns while improving your quality of life and we will meet your individual style. We use a three-in-one improvement strategy for your interior:

  • Cooler Climate
  • Cooler Climate

  • Protected Interior
  • Proteced Interior

  • Safer Environment
  • Safer Environment

By understanding your areas of concern, by listening to what you are conveying, we provide you a value proposition by narrowing the selections that will specifically meet your needs: to secure the look and feel you desire, meet the price point, and demonstrate the cost/benefit of the application of the window film to you.

Listening to your areas of concern, we begin formulating a recommended set of solution options by not leading with a particular brand or product. Our goal is to present you with a scenario of:

These are window film, window tint or glass coating "value propositions" demonstrating solutions that can best meet your needs, allowing you make an educated choice to meet your personal style for your residential home or your commercial building.

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